My June FABBAG 2014

Hey Everyone,


I received my June Fabbag a few days ago and here’s peek into what I got. Apart from the regular 3 products, this month I received a sample combo of the Clean and Clear Essentials Kit. 


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition

Beauty Lab Smart Defence Daily Moisturiser – SPF 20

Price INR 2800/- for 30 ml.

Bag Contains: 5ml


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition

This product contains a whole bunch of humectants and collagen. But I’m going to use this only in winters when my skin feels dryer.

Palladio Rice Powder

Price: INR 550/-for 17 g

Bag Contains: Full Size


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition



I’m most excited about the Palladio Rice Powder. Since I have oily skin,I’ve always used loose powders to keep the shine in check. Let’s see how this product works on my skin.


Vert Fresh Cucumber and Mint Face Scrub

Price: INR 700/- for 55g

Bag Contains: 20 g


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition

I’ve used this product once so far and I’ve quite liked it. The product contains natural granules which are really gentle on the skin, and not tiny plastic micro-beads which are polluting our environment. I’ll do a detailed review later.


Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash

Price: INR 95/- for 100 ml

Bag Contains: 50 ml


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition    


Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Price: INR 110/- for 80g

Bag contains: 20g


Fabbag – June 2014 Edition


Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturiser

Price: INR 80/- for 100ml

Bag Contains: 50ml


I’m quite happy with this month’s selection. The Clean and Clear Essentials Kit is quite a bonus. The sample sizes are nice. Though I have an oily/combination skin, I will give this kit a miss since I’ve switched to gentler products for 35+ skin. I will pass this kit on to my young cousin who is in her early 20s.


FABBAG is a subscription service, starting at INR 399/- a month where they curate and send 3-4 samples of various Indian and international brands. It is usually a mix of luxury as well as drugstore products.


To book your bag, you can visit their website HERE.






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