Cook With Me: Power Breakfast

Hello Everyone! Here’s a power breakfast recipe for you all!! Ingredients: 1. A Glass Jar or any other container (just looks prettier in a glass jar) 2. 3 table spoons of rolled oats 3. just enough milk to soak the oats. 4.¬† Assorted fruits (pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries … anything¬† you like) 5….

NOTD: On Fire!!

Hey Everyone! I tried out something new recently……….. nail art inspired by fire. Fiery Nail Art With Elle 18 Nail Pop With maybelline Colorshow A bit messy, but I’m getting better………………..So tell me!

My September 2014 Fabbag

Hi All!! Hoping to catch up with my Fabbag post this month. Whew! So My September 2014 Fabbag came in day before yesterday. Its Fabbag’s 2nd Anniversary Special and the website is giving excellent discounts in a large number of products. Check them out Here. I love the Bag itself this month! It is a…

My August 2014 Fabbag

Hi all!! The last month and a half has been completely crazzzyyyyy. My older doll has been sick intermittently, a lot of pressure at school. So all in all I really had no time to put up any posts. But better late than never………… The August 2014 bag is faux snakeskin. Well I’m not a…

Gift Hamper from Sattvik Organics

Hey Everyone! About two months ago announced a blogging contest partnered by SattvikOrganics, Aura Vedic, Votre and Vaadi Herbals. And I’m happy to tell you that I got the Consolation Hamper from Sattvik Organics for my entry. For the entry you may click HERE. I started out as an occasional blogger with no clear…