Three Random Thoughts Vol. 7

Hey Everyone!

How’s the first week of the New Year treating you? Its been good going for me. My school vacations are on and the sun is out after more than a week.

So, for this week’s thoughts……………..

1. What’ your family’s favourite cuisine (eating at home) when  they are not in the mood for a regular meal?

Well, when its not the regular lentils, veggies/fish/chicken, then its Chinese or Thai.

2. What are you watching on TV right now?

Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Gold Rush’.

3. How long do you sleep during holidays?

Typically 8hrs. I try to catch up on my beauty sleep during weekends and holidays since I’m chronically sleep-deprived during week nights.


I tag you to answer these questions, you need not answer all of them. Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Disclaimer: None of the above photos are mine.


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