Three Random Things Vol.11

Hi Everyone!

Its been a while since I posted under this series. So here goes…..

1. Do you like a dry or a wet Holi?

As a kid I’ve enjoyed really wet Holi. I loved it especially if I couldn’t get the colours off me for at least a few days after the festival! Now, however, I prefer a dry Holi!

Image result for Holi

2. Do you buy your Holi Colours?

For the last 10 yrs or so I make my own Holi Colours. Really easy to do. I use henna powder for green, Turmeric powder for yellow.


2. What do you associate the month of March with?

Month of March means year-end exams!! They also mean paper corrections.. But best of all, they mean lots of lunches and outings with friends!

I tag you to answer these questions. You need not answer all. Even one will be great. Write your answers in the comments section below..

Disclaimer: None of the photographs in this post are mine.

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