@Inveda BB Cream : Product Review, Swatches and Photos

Hi All!


Time for another quick review. Today’s product is INVEDA BB Cream 8-in-1 Cream With Magnolia and Almond SPF 20 Matte Colour.



Product Claim: 


Product Price: INR 140/- for 15 ml of product

List of Ingredients:

My take on the Product:

Inveda BB Cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube packed in a cardboard carton. The packaging is cute and handy and can be carried around in your purse. The formula is quite runny and takes a little while to blend into the skin. It looks a bit ashy on my skin during the blending process but settles in about 15 minutes time. It has a pleasant powdery fragrance. This product comes only in a single shade. It will leave a whitish cast on duskier complexions. It gives very little coverage and even if you have minor skin imperfections, you will need a concealer. The product did not even out my skin. I did require a dusting of pressed to set the product.


Its USP is that its paraben free. It has SPF 20 and is meant for all skin types. Its not oily, though my T-zone looked shiny in a couple of hrs. The product did not oxidise for about 4 hrs. 


However, the formula tends to look patchy and you need to exfoliate your skin for a smooth application. This product is meant for younger skin with few imperfections. Not quite for me 😉 .


  1. Paraben Free
  2. Has SPF
  3. Handy packaging
  4. Pleasant powdery fragrance
  5. Stays for about 4 hrs before fading and oxidising.


  1. Comes in a single shade
  2. Leaves a whitish cast on duskier complexion
  3. Patchy finish.
  4. Very little coverage.
  5. Need to exfoliate before application to get an even finish.


Overall Verdict: 2.5/5. There are better products in the market at this price point though they may not be paraben free.






Under Natural Light


Under Natural Light


Under Artificial Florescent Light

Stay beautiful!


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