My Fabbag May 2015

Hello  Readers! This month’s Fabbag is based on the theme of Sun and Sand. The sand is ok, but I’m not looking that forward to the sun. These past few weeks have been so hot, so don’t blame me if I try to escape the sun for a bit. The May 2015 Fabbag  definitely seeks…

20 Lessons Learned from Traveling to 20 Countries

Originally posted on Brittany From Boston:
Among the wonderful benefits of traveling is the opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself, while learning about other people and cultures around the world. And along the way, it’s important to look back and reflect upon what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. With my recent trip to…

My Trip To Paris!!

Hey Everyone! For a long time Paris has been my dream destination. My dream came true, when I visited this beautiful city mid-May this year as part of an exchange programme. I totally loved this adventure!! Here’s sharing just a few highlights of my trip!