Three Random Things Vol.17

Hey Everyone!

So how does it go with you all? I’m right in the thick of things with school reopening and the start of a series of testing and assessments. So as you can guess, a really busy time!

Questions for the day..

Q1. What is your favorite app?
Ans: Whatsapp, for sure!! It’s been about three years that I have been on Whatsapp. What I love most about it is that distances melt away. I have found it so useful, both professionally and personally. Organising a surprise party for a loved one, keeping in touch with the family or colleagues, have become so easy!


Q2. What would you bring to a deserted island?

Ans: This question is truly difficult! After some thinking, I still don’t know!





Q3. What is your favorite free time activity?

Ans: Reading, watching some TV, surfing the net and blogging.



I tag you to answer the following questions:


Q1. What is the favourite app?


Q2. What would you bring to a deserted island?


Q3. What is your favourite free time activity? 


You do not have toa answer all the questions. Answer as many as you wish. Hoping to hear from you soon and reading your interesting answers…..




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