What’s in My FabBag? January 2017 Edition

My subscription to Fab Bag was expiring in December las year. I was faced with a choice of either letting it lapse, or renewing it for yet another year……. I thought long and hard and decided I loved FabBag too much to let it go out of my life.  I love to wait for my Bag every month. It is one of the most personalised beauty subscriptions. What I like best is that along with the surprise every month, usually I get to choose one make-up product from a fairly detailed line-up. So my decision made, I hit the renew button.

Now that my FabBag has arrived, here is a quick round-up.

Loving the Satin Purple clutch style bag!

Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion

Product Price: INR 900/- for 100 ml

Sample Size in Bag: 6ml

For a moment I was foxed. BB Lotion from Wella? The hair people from Wella? BB Lotion? The I read more carefully. So its more like a Hair serum/smoothening lotion.

The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

Product Price: INR 895/- 50 ml

Sample Size in Bag: 20 ml

Garlic to keep vampires at bay? Yes I do have acne prone skin. And I did try it out once. I’m not sure about the product yet, but will keep you posted.

Manna Kadar Liplicked Priming Wand in Joie 

Product Price: INR 1799/- 

Sample Size in Bag: Full Size

A Lovely matte nude pink lip crayon. Only does not quite suit my skin tone. I know just the person to gift it to…

MCaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash 

Product Price: INR 449/- for 150 ml

Sample Size in Bag: 50 ml

Face Energiser…. hmmmm…. worth trying out.

O3+ Derma Fresh Mask 

Product Price: INR 425/- for 50 ml 

Sample Size in Bag: Full Size

Brightening and Whitening says the sub text. I’m not sure about that, but it promises to nourish dehydrated, sensitive skin. Right now I am struggling with an acne outbreak. Once it clears out, I’ll try it out and let you know if it does me any good.

Value of this Month’s Bag: INR 2786/- approx. Well 2 full sized and one delux sized sample is generous. 

My Verdict: Buy it, for yourself or as a gift…. Buy it!

FabBag is a monthly subscription service starting at INR 416/-. Each month’s bag contains 3-5 products from national and international brands ranging from drugstore to luxury. Product sizes range from small sample sizes to full size. To join this service click HERE.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tosom says:

    I always think of subscribing to fab bag but then give up on the thought. I think it’s high time that I subscribe now.


  2. Go for it! Perhaps you can go for the 3 month subscription and then extend of you like it..


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