Three Random Things Vol. 23

Dear Readers, Almost exactly 2 years ago was my last post about Three Random Things. And it was about Durga Puja. So I thought this would be a good time to revive the series, now that the 2017 Durga Puja concluded a week ago. For this week my three random questions are…. based on fasting….

New Year Resolutions 2017

Hello, My first introduction to New Year Resolutions was in primary school. Our teacher was away and we were making a racket. The teacher from the neighbouring classroom walked in and asked us to write down 5 New Year Resolutions. I do not remember my resolutions for that year. But I do remember that for…

Goodbye 2016. Welcome 2017.

Happy New year to you all! As we move into the year 2017, I’m hit with thoughts of transience. 2016 was a year I came face to face with death. I lost my mother quite suddenly. Though she had been unwell for a while, I didn’t expect her to pass on all of a sudden….